Spilled milk,
spilled beans
neither is reason for tears; 
because what’s said is said
what’s done is done 
and that’s the long and short of it. 

It had made her smile, she told me, the care package I’d sent.

I thought of the light in her eyes as she discovered each item, 
traced every line,
read every word. 
I imagined her delight, but then
the lushness of her body in full bloom as she waited for the promise two years since arrived.
I hated myself and  the hand that snuck beneath the covers to relieve the urgency of it,
to put out the painful fire I felt each night at this hour since she left.
So I made love to the past once more
and buried it in the dust
swore this time would be the last.
and lay with myself in disgust.

Even at this late hour, I lie awake and feeling lost somewhere on the spectrum between aroused and creative. Methinks perhaps it may be time to write. I get my best ideas in the hours between the sun’s disappearance over the horizon and when he chooses to show his face once more.

While my weekend away was over much too fast, I cannot complain about a single moment. It was a breath of fresh air - something I desperately needed in my effort to get away from the city for a bit. The pace of life was as slow and smooth as the lager that cooled my throat on the deck with each sunset. I will try to take that zen feeling with me through the coming weeks until I am able to schedule another retreat for myself. 

Living with just the bare necessities is something that has always fascinated me, and in these little cottages or cabins - whichever you’d like to call them - this is how you operate. There is no room for extra equipment or frivolous material and you have to learn how to pack accordingly. It’s freeing to live this way. Though I won’t be downsizing the house I live in at the moment, all that remains in my own home are the things required to function with a few memories thrown in on top. I take that sense of existentialism, that minimalist lifestyle with me where ever I go; it helps to keep the clutter out of both my environment and my head. 

I think I accomplished what I set out to do this weekend: I’ve taken time for me - to appreciate, to be grateful, to breathe, to simply… be. It’s helped me to shake off the mantle of the city and to prepare myself for life here once again. I know who I am and where I’m going (this week at least), and I can truly say that at this moment, I am content.

Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure. Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure. Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure. Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure. Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure. Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure.

Photos from yesterday’s afternoon adventure.

Stark and beautiful.

Stark and beautiful.

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"Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth."
— Buddha (via thecalminside)

My canine companion and I arrived in one piece just after lunch yesterday and I think we’ve settled in quite nicely. The place is just as beautiful as I remember it. Now I’m cracking open a cold one on the couch and listening to the wind rustling through the trees outside my window. Today I say that life is not only good - life is beautiful.

Nnnggghhh… Oh sweet and sultry cancerous treat, how I miss thee. 

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Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning, I decided to take one last swing about my laboratory to create something while I waited for the time to come to hit the road. The resulting concoction was a product I’ve affectionately named: Bear Bars.


The whole thing is made from a honey glycerine melt and pour base with honey and sea salt mixed into the bottom layer. The top layer has only honey added as I was afraid the sea salt would sink to the bottom and create a problem bonding it to the layer below. (I did, however, mix a dollop of honey glycerine base with some coconut milk and drizzle it over top in order to scatter some coarse sea salt along the top layer for effect.) The bears were made from the same honey glycerine base mixed with coconut milk and cocoa powder.

While the bear admittedly brings to mind the pet name my former missus used to call me, the cookie cutter was only 69P and I was in need of a new shape for experimenting with.  I was quite pleased with the overall look and the fact that it’s gentle enough to use on sprog’s sensitive skin because it is unscented. 

On that note, dear audience, I must bid you adieu for the siren call of the road beckons and I must follow. Until we meet again, be kind to yourselves and have a safe and happy weekend. 


Something I keep close each day.